What happens if my Renovation is left unfinished?

Most home improvements work out, but occasionally things don’t always go to plan, and you can be left with an unfinished project. This article is a guide to help you along with any project you are going to start with any tradesmen. 

How was the project left?

Let’s take a look around your renovation to see what has been completed and what’s left to be done! Was your project left like…

  • The job is mostly finished, just a few “snagging” or finishing jobs to do.
  • Did you disagree with something like the work or time frame?
  • The tradesperson said the product is finished, but there is still work to be done.
  • Your tradesperson said they’ll come back but they are making a lot of excuses.
  • The tradesperson hasn’t given a reason for stopping the work, and you cant reach them.

What happens next?

What happens next really depends on these 2 factors:

  1. Was there a clear agreement in place for the work that needs to be done? Either in a written quote or contract.
  2. How much money have you already paid them, was it a deposit or have you already paid or are you paying in instalments?

By having a detailed quote/statement of work that outlines the work that needs to be completed, there should be no doubt over whether a job is finished or not. But if the work is not what you wanted, which is clearly in the quote/statement of work, then you can use this as evidence for a claim.

If you haven’t paid anything in front or have just paid a deposit, then it might be better off just looking for another tradesperson to complete the job.

But, if you’ve already paid a significant amount of money and don’t have the money to hire another tradesperson, then you should consider starting a claim against them. But first, try and get in contact with them.

Never give out money until the job has been completed or you have signed an agreement to pay a deposit of 10% or pay in parts. 

Attempt to contact your tradesperson

The best outcome is that your tradesperson returns and finishes the work at the standard you agreed upon. So make sure you get in contact with your tradesperson to ask them to put the matter right.

If you cant get in touch with your tradesperson directly there are other ways around that.

This can be by getting in contact with:

  • Contact the trade bodies that the tradesperson belongs to like, the Federation of Master Builders or the Guild of Builders & Contractors.
  • If you hired your tradesperson through us at Planning2Build UK or any other business, you can contact the customer service team. Our team can provide you with free impartial advice on the options on how we can help you reach your desired solution.

There are other reasons why tradespeople may have stopped working, this can be if they have gone out of business! If this looks like it might be the case for you then civil action may be your only option.

Make sure you document everything

If you didn’t have a written quote, statement of work or a contract, remember to document everything that’s happened so far within the project. This can include everything from:

  • Texts
  • Emails
  • Log of phone calls made and attempted – with notes of what you discussed.
  • Photographs

If you still need to hire another tradesperson, due to the unfinished work, make sure you make a record of all the costs incurred as this will form part of your claim.

Make a claim

Before you start your claim, you should send a letter to your tradesperson, explaining the actions you are going to take forward. This is a formal notice that lays out your claim and what you want in return, giving them a chance to respond before you initiate action.

If they have not responded or they disagreed with your request, you can then make a claim against them for the money through the government’s claims portal. You will need to pay a fee for this, and there is no guarantee of getting your money back.

Remember before making this civil claim, that this should be the last resort if you’ve been unable to settle a financial dispute in any other way.

Make sure you get the finish you deserve…

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