Top Marketing Tips For Tradespeople

Are you trying to grow your business and reach a whole new string of customers? Well, many marketing tips will help you reach a wider audience and even more people, which will help grow and expand your business in the long run.

Online tips

At Planning2Build UK we want to help you with marketing your business, no matter the size. The first step is to create a professional and working website. The majority of people look online when it comes to finding tradesmen and therefore, you should get your business online to gain more customers.

We will make sure all your skills are highlighted and show off the great work you do. When it comes to creating your web page we at Planning2Build UK will include the important information which is needed for a successful web page. For example, it will include your range of services, the industry in which you the tradesmen work, where you are based, examples of your work, and customer reviews! This will enable all those potential new customers to reach you easily.

As a tradesman a website will do nothing but benefit you and your business in the future, and once it’s created just sit back and reap the rewards.

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With social media becoming such a huge factor in the business world and businesses using these free applications to reach more people and grow their audience. You as a tradesman could do the same as well, by creating your own social media, or get Planning2Build UK to do it for you!

A statistic from Screwfix tells us 48% of tradesmen claim to win new business with the use of these social media platforms. With various applications such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, it would be stupid to not create an account for your business.

At first, it may seem extremely difficult where to begin but it is simpler than you think. We would firstly recommend creating a Facebook page, as you will find this is the easiest to navigate and the size of the platform can benefit you as a tradesperson. With regards to what you want to have on this page, it simple, just have all the important information about your business, for example, contact details and where you’re based. Moreover, when it comes to what content to post, remember to keep it simple and post high-quality photos or even videos that highlight your work. This will enable new potential customers to see your great service.

Overall, you will find that social media platforms offer nothing but advantages for you as a tradesman, enabling you to reach a larger audience.

social media

When people search for traders, they tend to look at online directories as this gives them information about your company and shows reviews of your business. This is so they can identify if your work is good and if you’re the right tradesperson for the job. So, you should be looking to list your business in online directories as this is another branch to help your business reach even more people. The trustworthy directories that your business should be listed with include:

  • Planning2Build UK
  • Yelp
  • Business Directory UK
  • Google My Business
  • Yell

Planning2Build UK is the best for your business to be seen. Your customers would be able to see more about your company. For example, where you are on the map, your amazing portfolio, honest customer reviews, everything that really attracts your audience. Not just a basic boring page of text and an image, it’s a personalised webpage suited to your company.

Simple but Successful

You would think that marketing has to be done online and that it’s a complicated process. However, there are many ways to market your business that isn’t online and you will find these methods are reliable and successful.

Firstly, word of mouth marketing is one of the oldest methods and throughout its time, no matter what industry you are in this type of marketing works. Customers who you have done work for or people you have worked with are going to have something to say about your business, so if the service your providing is of high quality, then your customers are likely to suggest you. So make sure you always carry a business card with you, with all your details to give to your clients, so there can share it with people who might need your service.

Overall, making sure all your work is perfect is vital and every job you complete has potential for even more customers.

word of mouth

Within the trade industry, there are simple things you can do to promote your business. For example, signage being placed on sites you’re working on, making sure these are clear and visible with your details.

Uniforms for you and the team with clear logos and your business name printed on them. So people spot you out and make you look professional, which will increase the look and publicity of your business not just at work, but everywhere.

Finally, your company vehicle has wasted potential if you have not included any signage with your company information. If your vehicle is stationary or on the move people are going to come into contact with it and this simple signage could catch the eye of potential new customers.

van signage
Let us know if you followed any of these tips or did something we haven’t mentioned below, we would love to hear from you! 

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