Terms & Conditions

  1. A Case Company LTD (T/A Planning2Build UK) will hereinafter be referred to as “The Company”
  2. The individual or organisation signing this contract will hereinafter be referred to as “The Contractor” or “Contractors”
  3. Any individual or organisation that commissions work from any members of “The Company”, where the enquiry originated through “The Company”, will hereinafter be referred to as “The Consumer”.
  4. The member agrees to adhere to all Terms and Conditions set out by “The Company” in this document and/or any other documents published on the “The Company” website (see Disclaimer and Privacy Policy), for a period of one year, to take effect from date of signing by “The Contractor”.
  5. Upon the receipt of an enquiry from a Customer “The Company” agrees to furnish the appropriate Contractor with the Consumers details as soon as is reasonably possible either by e-mail, telephone or text message.
  6. Contractors agree to make themselves available to receive tenders for the said service in the allotted area/s for the duration of their contract. The Contractor will make every reasonable effort to service those enquiries as soon as possible. If the Contractor is unable to service any enquiry for any reason whatsoever, then “The Company” should be notified immediately either by e-mail or telephone.
  7. “The Company” reserves the right to place a “Contractors” contract on hold, extending the “Contractors” renewal date by the period of time the contract has been held for.
  8. The “Contractor” may under certain circumstances place their contract with “The Company” on hold (subject to an agreed time limit with “The Company”), and may have their renewal date extended by the period of time the contract has been on hold for.
  9. By submitting their details to “The Company” “The Contractor” agree that the information provided is full and accurate and not misleading or untrue in any way. “The Contractor” agrees to keep in force at all times valid Public Liability insurance cover, up to date membership of relevant trade bodies and such qualifications as required by law – Failure to provide such documents and certificates in a timely manner can lead to “The Company” terminating or placing “The Contractors” account on hold.
  10. If any “Contractor” is deemed by “The Company” to have broken the Terms and Conditions of their Contract, or is deemed in any way to have damaged the reputation of “The Company”, then “The Company” reserves the right to terminate “The Contractor’s” contract and remove the said “Contractor’s” details from the Database without refund of any monies. Unprofessional conduct towards both “The Company” or “The Consumer” will also warrant “The company” removing “The Contractor” from our client base with immediate effect without any refunds.
  11. “The Contractor” will be required to provide valid documentation (your in-date Public Liability Insurance certificate (It is your duty to ensure your PL is in date failure to do so will result in your account being placed on hold), completed and signed application form, minimum of 4 work references, relevant trade qualifications, details of appointed persons (Please see application) and payment of services. (Please note: all required documentation is required within 14 days of joining – Failure to do so will delay your application.)
  12. “The Contractor” once entered into the contract over the phone, online or on your doorstep, you have 48 hours to cancel the contract. This period starts the day after you agree to go ahead with the service. You will therefore be entitled to a full refund within this time frame of any monies paid to “The Company” after the 48 hours no refund will be granted.
  13. Data Protection– We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. Our use of personal information supplied by you when you use this site is governed by our Privacy Policy which can be found on the site, and which you should read.
  14. Use of Material – All copyright, trade marks (including the trademarks Planning2Build UK) and all other intellectual property rights in or relating to the site are and shall remain our property or, where applicable, are reproduced with the permission of the rights’ owner, such as content suppliers, Partners and/or users. You may browse the contents, use any facilities and download a single copy of any material on the site to the extent that it is expressly made available to you, but this is solely for your own personal use and you must not remove any copyright or trade mark notices. You may not modify, reproduce, display, distribute or sell any such material for any commercial or business purpose, without our prior written permission.
  15. Although customer details and potential work leads are forwarded to “The Consumer” we are in no position to guarantee “The Contractor” any work. We will help and guide you to the project but the overall outcome can be based on many different factors out of our control.
  16. The service you are agreeing into is the service to become accredited by “The company” and then be monitored by “The company” with all our services at your disposal. This means that although every effort is made to ensure your business grows it is still down to you “the Contractor” to take appropriate steps to introduce yourself and your business and quote accordingly for the contract.
  17. Customer complaints – All customer complaints must be put in writing and sent to hello@planning2builduk.co.uk. We endeavour to respond to emails within 72 hours.
  18. “The Company” reserves the right to amend and/or update these terms and conditions without notice to the Contractor.

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