Need Help Managing Your Time And Workload?

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We know you are busy with lots of work, but are you managing to keep up to date with all your customers and other day to day tasks?

We know it can help hard to keep on top of things then you write down on notes of paper and that gets lost… but have you thought about making the notes, tasks, and appointments digital?? As there are many apps out there that can make your life easier!

They’re useful for many different tradespeople such as plumbers, builders, electricians, to ensure that you will be able to focus on the jobs you’re completing successfully, without the hassle of paper schedules ruining your focus.

Need to find out more? Then read below to find out what can help you the best!

How are APPs helpful?

Apps are a great way to save you time and money as it’s very valuable for any successful business. They can help you with managing tasks in real-time, like invoicing, quotations and scheduling. Instead of you having to deal with that hassle of time-consuming paperwork, and with apps it’s all in one place!

App benefits:

  • Simple organised system
  • Easy to manage templates
  • Quick job management
  • Many scheduling services
  • Customer service systems
  • Business admin
  • Access through more than more devices and platforms for wherever you are

Tips on how to help manage your time & workload

Here are some apps that can help you stay in control of your business and keep up to date with your customers!

Calendar App

Google Calendar & Microsoft Outlook, great at scheduling and reminding that links to all your devices, both FREE apps. Or other apps that are FREE to use like Calendly, Howbout, Calendar •, & Fantastical 2.

Task Management Tool

Task management is basically a to-do list and there are many tools for this for you to download for FREE, which are their basic versions. The best ones we recommend are, Asana, Trello, ToodleDo, Todoist, Smartsheet, & Wunderlist! These are all mobile apps, let you access them on your phone as well as your computer anytime at your convenience. They automatically update and sync wherever you are making notes like if you’re on-site, and your team in other places like the office can be kept up to date too! It also helps you estimate realistic deadlines, prioritise key tasks and delegate sub-tasks to anyone in your team. 

Invoicing App

Once you have completed your work you need to invoice your customers. It’s easy to stay out of the loop and weeks pass and you’re still waiting for payment. And chasing up your customers for the money is very time-consuming and you could lose out on other work, so get it done properly the first time around!

You should be using apps like  PayPal, Wave, Square Invoice, Freshbooks, Invoice Simple Estimate Maker, Easy Invoice, Invoice 2go: Easy Quote Maker, & Xero are all fantastic FREE apps for creating, managing and most importantly chasing up invoices at the click of a button, saving you precious time and money doing it yourself. 

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Looking for just one APP to Help you Manage your time & workload?

If you’re looking for an all-in-one app that lets you run your business on a single platform, consider using an app like Powered Now, which is both an app called (Invoice & Estimate Powered Now) and a website called Powered Now

This is a great site that lets you do invoices, quoting, job management service, many types of templates available and it lets you create brand-specific paperwork from anywhere in the world, including:

Invoices, Quotes, Job sheets, Certificates, Business forms, Estimates, Scheduling & Invoicing!

This site is tailored specifically for many different tradespeople and makes it everything you need in one place, from onsite to the office and the customers. 

You can try it for FREE for 14 days with no credit card required, and book a FREE demo to help you get started. 

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Key points to REMEMBER!

  • Your business, big or small, will benefit hugely from staying on top of paperwork, schedules, emails and work alerts.
  • Remember to be organised even when you are super busy, as it’s easy with the right apps, so make sure you have them on hand and updating them every day!
  • Consider an all-in-one app to control your business with ease, it’s worth the money on the time you will save!
  • Stop using off fashioned forms of trading, try giving the latest technology to help you reduce downtime, from paper files to digital ones.
  • Quality work equals fewer callbacks, complaints and any damage to your businesses reputation!
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Let us know if you followed any of these tips or did something we haven’t mentioned below, we would love to hear from you! 

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