Meet the team

Arthur, UK Manager

I started this business with my family in mind. Planning2Build UK is not a hobby of mine, but the platform for which my family is supported. I run the company with the same drive, passion and consistency today as I did the day we first started trading in 2015. With an average of £100 billion lost from the economy and homeowners out of pocket daily, due to callous unscrupulous companies, we protect our customers as we would do as a member of our family. Planning2Build UK is a business that runs on family ethics and will continue to do so.

Sam, National Sales Manager

It’s my job to ensure the Planning2Build UK brand stands proudly, that is why I take so much pride in my teams to work, as well as my own. This is by far one of the most rewarding roles I have had the honour to work in, we are the first point of contact when as we onboard need trades and architects design for you. My team are a hive of activity and will happily assist you with all your needs. Our high standards have made Planning2Build UK “THE GO TO” company for free impartial advice and this is something I am personally proud of.


Nancy, Marketing Manager

I have been working for the Planning2Build UK team since September 2020, and have worked my way up from Marketing Assistant to Marketing Manager, and enjoyed every minute of being here! The team are all welcoming, friendly and determined to help all our clients and all the team with everything they need. Planning2Build UK has helped me gain more experience and knowledge in this industry, which I’m very thankful for. As a result, I try my best to ensure I bring you all the highest level of content and creativity I possibly can and help my staff with everything they need for success.


Liz, Senior Territory Manager

Working for Planning2Build UK has been a seamless and exciting new chapter in my life. Having worked as a plasterer in the past it’s almost a home away from home and I thoroughly enjoy speaking with my customers and the personalities they bring.


Gordon, Senior Territory Manager

Raised in Northern Ireland and previously living in Scotland for 20 years I know my territory inside and out. I am experienced in the trade and take great pride in assisting my estate when and where needed.

David, Senior Territory Manager

Having lived all over the world working in many different sectors including groundwork’s, and as a brickie is something that brought me to the Planning2build UK family. I deal with both sides of the fence, working closely with my consumers and contractors to assure nothing but the highest level of service is delivered and maintained.

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David, UK Business Manager

I have been working within the industry now since 2016 and I have seen first-hand some carnage and destruction caused by traders within the construction industry, and Planning2Build UK is a company that doesn’t stand for that! Here at Planning2Build UK quality is key and consistency between us our affiliate partners and consumers are paramount. I have a huge passion for my role and can regularly be seen out on the road accompanying my team on-site visits and onboarding meetings. 

Dean, Senior Business Consultant

After joining the company in 2018, I swiftly brought into the business concept. I truly think that we actually make a difference, it’s all too often that Joe Blogs picks up the local rag and chooses a company with next to zero research. Sadly companies out there still don’t play by the book and as a result, they end up getting their fingers burned. It’s my job to make sure our customers are protected at all costs, that’s why I take great pride in my work.

Trevor, Surveyor

I have worked for Planning2Build UK for many years now, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. My job is to go to each of our client’s sites, assessing the work that needs to be completed. I offer our clients advice on their designs and construction aspects and hand pick the best tradespeople suited for the projects. I have had the pleasure of working and getting to know each of our clients, who are tradespeoples and architects to know what they require. And with the help of my team, we have successfully built a large client base. 

Harry, Project Assessment Officer

My role here is to assess, manage and maintain projects for the company. My team and I like to keep close contact with our ongoing projects to ensure that they are completed on time and without delay. Planning2Build UK was set up to help with your projects, although there are many reputable companies out there that ensure you find a credible contractor, Planning2Build UK goes that extra mile. 

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Our Careers

As Planning2Build UK continues to grow we are constantly looking for ambitious and talented individuals to join our busy and fun team. We are not looking for staff or agents, but family members. 

So, if the thrill of the sale, the satisfaction of customer greatness, diligence for all things digital and so forth is the passage for you then do not hesitate to get in touch. Planning2Build UK could be the home away from home you have been looking for.

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