Low-cost Renovation tips in Lockdown

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DIY Trends throughout Lockdown

Throughout the 1st lockdown and the 2nd people have been doing little DIY projects. If you have a creative design mind, great patience, time, a steady hand, and if you have the tools/materials at home, you can achieve all of these trends.

Illustration of people and diy tools

Things you can DIY:

  • Adding Panelling? Use MDF, and “no nails” glue to stick the panels on the wall. Cut the MDF down to the size you want, glue it into place, paint over the finished design with white primer, then paint over it in your desired colour. Think about using any shade of grey or dark colours like blue & green, for a modern look that is on-trend today!
  • Cupboards and Worktops? Pick up a primer, or just a cupboard paint (some paints don’t need a primer) and paint over the surfaces, you may need to sand any areas down before the painting and in-between.  For laminated surfaces you can paint over them, alternatively, for laminated worktops, you can cover them using vinyl worktop stickers/coverings to give them a new look. You can get any designs you would like, for example, you could go for marble and wood-like designs. 
  • New Tiles? You can also paint over existing tiles with the correct paint for a new fresh look. You could also go for a white, grey or black grout pen to freshen up the grout in-between the tiles. Even get backsplash stickers in any style and colour you want to stick over the original tiles or add them onto a plain wall, they can be lined up or cut into shape.
  • New Front door? – Get the correct paint for the material of the door you have, for example, a UPVC door use UPVC paint. For some doors, you may need a primer too, and to be sanded down. Pastel colours are very in at the moment and suit so well with many doors.
  • New Windows? – Use spray paint (all surfaces paint or similar) or hand paint these window edges. Lots of people have been using black to make an outdated window shape come back to life, with a new colour to make it more modern. Black and white are the best colours.

Important to Remember!

  • Remember to do your research into what items you need before you do any major work, as they might be the wrong items for the job.

  • Get your materials ready before. You may not have them at home but you can get them from your local hardware store or online.

  • Before you get stuck into these jobs remember to clean down the surfaces (sand the surfaces if needed) and mark up the edges so everything is straight and will be a clean finish.

  • When glueing and painting remember to wait for these items to completely dry/set before you get onto the next stage.

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