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Welcome to our join us page! If you need the extra work then join Planning2Build UK for all your future jobs.

Planning2Build UK is continuing to grow and expand our coverage all across the UK, to help all of our consumers. As we are such a close family team we want to make sure that our clients are treated the same as all our staff, so we’ll always be honest and give you the best service.

As we are expanding rapidly within our company, with our team and the growing work WE NEED YOU as much as YOU NEED US to complete all the work!

Due to current circumstances, we’ve been getting more project requests than usual, all across the UK. Many of our consumers, new & old, are calling us for advice & guidance towards their renovations and new builds. Because of this heavy workload, we need extra help to fill these ongoing projects.

That’s why we are open to onboard…

Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, Plasterers, Scaffolders, Landscapers & Gardeners, Painters & Decorators, Architects, etc!

If you would like more consistent or extra work then please get in touch through our join us pages.

OR you can contact us talk to a member of our team HERE.

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Stay well & Keep safe!

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