How to take the Best Pictures of your Work

In this day and age, more and more people are looking for work online. And since the pandemic, the numbers of homeowners looking for tradespeople have dramatically increased. So, it is the best thing for any trade to have a strong online presence in platforms like Google, social media and trade websites like Planning2Build UK , to reach your audience.

The best way to showcase how well your work is, and why these homeowners or businesses should pick you, is by the photos you show. These can either be from yourself, showcasing your work or from a great customer review.

So, if you have these platforms, why not make the most of them. Below you will find out the BEST ways of how take photos of your work, and other top tips!

The benefits of taking good work pictures

Provide clients with inspiration 

By taking amazing pictures, you can give your clients a great visualisation of what work you could do for them. So it’s great to show a range of different work and styles you have completed or working on, that will appeal to all clients and make them remember you.

Stand out from the competition

A lot of clients want to see work you have completed before they can trust you to do, work on their projects. 40% of customers say they would like to see the proof of work before hiring people. This is a very important factor to your clients, as it will make you stand out more against your competitors, who either don’t have a portfolio of images or have only a small amount of work they can show.

The areas you are working in & build trust

By taking lots of pictures and tagging the area they were completed in, displays to future clients that you are working in the area and aren’t too far away. Significantly, during the pandemic a lot of clients wanted their work to be sourced locally, and that still is the same today. A lot of customers will go off referrals from people they know in the area from friends and family, who want to support local businesses. As well as you posting the work, as your clients are happy they will also share photos of your work with a great review. Which leads to more trust from your clients and new ones you will get by the reviews.

Reassure potential clients

Make sure you are treating your customers how you would like to be treated. This will be by:

  • Working safely with your team and the clients
  • Keeping everything as clean as possible
  • Treat their home with care
  • Use tools that’ll get the work done efficiently and to a good standard
  • Work safely

The benefits of sharing pictures of your work on social media

social media

Social media is a fantastic way to showcase your work to the general public, as it’s easy to share photos and can be liked with Facebook too. Here are some key reasons why you should put your work onto social media!

  • Builds your brand online – It expands your online presence to people that haven’t seen or heard from you before, who could be right around the corner, or for building a widen range of clients.
  • Builds relationships with clients. new & old – By having your previous and current clients following you on social media platforms, it will remind them that you’re around to do any work that they need. As well as building on future relationships with new clients from your client’s liking, sharing or commenting on your posts, will get the attention from their followers.

Tips on how to take great pictures of your work

1Stand back and take a photo of the whole area surrounding your work, as you want to show how well the project was completed in its surroundings.

2. Take close-ups. Show the clients all the details you would like, by doing this it shows them all the attention to detail that you take forward in any job.

3. Before & After pictures. A before and after picture really captures all the work you have completed. This could be a small change or a very dramatic alteration, that the client wouldn’t have known if you didn’t put up a before image. By doing this the client sees how well you can achieve any clients home improvement needs!

4. Include yourself in pictures. – It’s always good to show a face to a name, whether it’s your team working or you and a happy client. This makes the company look more reliable, trustworthy and real!

5. Take pictures safely. – If you’re on a busy site full of many people, tools, and dangerous equipment then be careful when taking pictures. Always look around before attempting to take a picture, as this could result in your own injury or an injury of another person if they’re working with tools.

6. Take pictures of your equipment. – This is a great way to show that you care about your equipment and are invested in the project you are taking forward. By getting new tools it shows you are up to speed with all the standards of your work, and that’s another tick off point for any future clients towards your company.

Let us know if you followed any of these tips or did something we haven’t mentioned below, we would love to hear from you!

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