How to Make your Home into a Holiday Home

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UK holiday homes have been in high demand due to international travel restrictions. As people have been wanting to go away but have been unable to, the only result is to support the local tourism in your country! This has happened so much, that many holiday home booking companies have seen their highest ever bookings rates!

So if you are a homeowner, you can make thousands by letting out your current home for short-term stays or invest in buy-to-let properties. 

To find out how you can do this, read on below!

Check your mortgage provider

You must check that you have permission from your mortgage provider, freeholder or landlord, before letting your property out short term. It’s not a legal requirement to have this, but it’s useful in cases of damage or theft. If you are not sure if you have this insurance, then it’s always best to check. So speak to your insurance provider to see if your home will be covered.

Clean up and check up

Having a clean space is one of the top priorities and aims for any holiday home. Cleanliness affects how your guests will rate you when they leave, and make a review after their stay. As there are many platforms out there that show these ratings, this is something you mustn’t forget or underestimate.

So, consider hiring a cleaner to clean in between guests, or doing this yourself. And always have a team of reliable and trusted tradespeople, that you know you can do urgent repairs or maintenance needed.

To have all health and safety complaints, please include:

  • Electrical & gas appliances checked and tested
  • Install a carbon monoxide alarm & fire alarm
  • Complete a fire risk assessment
  • Maintaining your swimming pool/spa/ or hot tub facilities

Secure your property and belongings

Storage shelves

Self-check-in is one of the top requirements people have been looking for when they are looking to go away. As many guests will travel from far away, they can come at any time of the day. So, it’s best to have a key waiting for them in a safe location, or a secure lockbox and you provide them with the code. This is a great way to have your guests safely enter your holiday home with ease when you’re not around.

So remember to make sure that your locks are all secure and safe, to protect your guests. If you need to change broken or stiff locks, then you should get a locksmith in to replace this with a lock type that best fits your door. You could also install a security system, that can be accessed by your guests.

And always remember to lock away any personal items and valuables, as this is your home too, and you don’t want the risk of them being damaged by guests.

Beautiful outdoor space

Offering a beautiful outdoor space to relax in can mean you will be able to charge more to your guests to stay at your house. But, there can be a large amount of upkeep required that might put you off. So, if you are looking for an easier project than a low maintenance garden design, can save you time and effort, just like these ideas:

  • Swap your grass lawn for gravel, a paved patio or a deck instead
  • Have shrubs, plants and flowers that have lots of different colours
  • Make or buy bin storage to keep ugly wheelie bins and rubbish out of view

Luxury kitchen

Modern luxury kitchen

Having a beautifully designed kitchen really draws in people to stay somewhere fancy. And it’s a great way to make it more homely for your guests to make a home-cooked meal at your house. But, it can be expensive, so you must protect your fixtures and fittings as much as you can.

  • Hard-wearing worktop with heat and scratch resistance, to keep your kitchen looking appealing for longer. (E.g. granite, quartz, laminate and composite)
  • Make sure your utensils and equipment are sturdy soo you won’t need to replace them often.
  • What about being more eco-friendly? You can do this by labelling your recycling and food waste bins.

Relaxing bedrooms

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms that your guests will be attracted to. The better looking the room, the more intrigued they will be, as they will spend most of their time here resting, so it needs to be comfortable!

Think about having:

  • Hang blackout blinds or curtains
  • Install double or triple glazing to avoid loud noises
  • Good quality linen, mattress and duvet
  • Colours? Painting the room in muted colours, like pastels create a calming space

Calming bathoom

Luxury Modern bathroom

The bathroom is another place where your guests should feel relaxed. Here are some great ways you could do this:

  • Keep it clean, clean and clean, with products to hand for everyone.
  • Good quality towels and toiletries in between guests.
  • Underfloor heating for a touch of luxury, not as expensive as you may think!

Other things to consider...

Always let your neighbours know that you are or have been looking into letting your home out. As this is always good to keep your relationship good with your neighbours. Communication is key! So, you may even consider any requests that they make, to keep the peace. And when you do have guests come and stay, ask them to keep the noise down after a certain time to respect the neighbours!

Let us know if you followed any of these tips or did something we haven’t mentioned below, we would love to hear from you!

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