How to Build the Best Customer Relationships

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How to Build better relationships with my clients…

By building great customer relationships with your clients will gain you more work and a large growing reputation for your business.

At Planning2Build UK we have put together some of our top tips to help you nurture your customer relationships and reap the rewards.

The tips we have got throughout the years of working closely with our customers and our expert tradespeople. Below is a great interview we had with one of our tradespeople, Dean Thompson, Electrician,  giving you an insight into how our tradespeople manage their customer relationships.

Top tips:

  • Inviting, engaging and compelling a Planning2Build UK profile and other social presence. It’s a good idea to have a website, social accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even TikTok now) as these are all great for showcasing your work, and interact with potential customers.
  • Always respond to customer queries, even if you’re busy or it’s not working, as you never know they might come back or recommend you. Respond to them in the same way they contact you, either calling, texting, social messengering and emails.
  • Make sure you know all the Covid-19 precautions you need before entering customers home, as well as to let the customers know what they need to do to make sure the works carried out safely. For more tips about COVID-19, you can find out here.
  • Tell your customers early to leave a  review on your Planning2Build UK and all your other social pages. This not only helps you to get more work in the future, but it also helps to reassure them that you’ll do a great job which warrants a great review.
  • Ask your customer if they will allow you to talk photos of their project, before, during and after as some customers might not want photos taken of their home, and you need to respect their opinions.
  • Don’t just leave and never speak to your customer after the work is complete, you need to build upon that relationship you have made so they come back and recommend you. Always good to call, text, email a Pleasant message About how the work has been completed and how happy you are with it now it went so well and always keep in touch if you need anything more done be friendly and courteous and generous with your time. You could give them updates if they want them, through your emails or texts. Then they are all happy and will more likely leave a review.

Interview with our tradesperson – Dean Thompson, Electrician.

What’s your trade and why did you join Planning2Build UK?

I joined Planning2Build UK around 3 years ago to help grow my business and to new work. I’m an electrician with over 20 years of experience and knowledge that I have gathered throughout the years working on many sites, from commercial to domestic. I’m highly passionate about my industry, as I love to solve people problems and share my knowledge with them. That’s how I have so many loyal and trusted clients from my work and reconditions, with the help of Planning2Build UK. 

Do you think you have mastered building customer relationships, and what’s involved in achieving it?

Being in the industry I’ve built up a lot of happy customers over the years and make sure I stay in touch with them through the latest social media platforms so that I can reach a larger audience through them following me recommending me, and showcase my work. It’s a great way for me to get in touch with everyone without messaging them individually.

I build a lot of trust with my clients over the years as they have become more like friends to me and they trust me to do their work, families and friends work. I also give them trade discounts and free advice for their future jobs as it’s all about respecting everyone and not just doing things for money. I try my hardest and teach my team to do every job to the best of their ability is to avoid any problems and getting it done correctly the first time, to avoid having to go back in and fix it, So I don’t have to keep returning to work in their homes disrupting their lives because of something we could’ve done correctly the first time.

It’s all about earning trust and giving back as much as you get. So if you do a good job because you put the effort in, then they will most definitely recommend you for future jobs. 

Do you have any tips on how to build the best customer-client relationships?

When you have done a good job your clients are another way they can spread the good news of your workaround. As a result of their word of mouth, other people will get to know about how you met all their needs, cleaned up after yourself, and put all their items back in their original place. Remember to leave the place in a good condition the same way you entered, as going above and beyond is crucial for these relationships. 

Rember these key points:

  • Good customer service equals good work.
  • Be yourself but set boundaries.
  • Meet or exceed expectations.

Furthermore, by joining Planning2Build UK, your word-of-mouth referrals are broadcasted across all of our platforms, meaning more people will have a chance to view your company.

The ONLY set back will be that you will have too much work and be fully booked up! 

Why is the best to build good customer relationships?

The best part of building customer relationships is gaining an extended family as you get to work with the same people over and over again seeing your work grow and develop through their projects. You get to share rare insights about your life and their lives through this job and no many other jobs can do that.

To Conclude…

  • Invest time in making a great social presence and a Planning2Build UK profile.
  • Always respond to any comments or queries you may receive, through the same channel they contacted you through.
  • Stick to Covid-19 precautions.
  • Ask for permission to take pictures as well as slip into the conversation of a review.
  • Show that you are a friend as well as a tradesperson by offering them free advice and recommendations for other tradespeople.
  • Always keep in touch with your customers and never just leave with a goodbye.
Let us know if you followed any of these tips or did something we haven’t mentioned below, we would love to hear from you! 

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