How to Always Win the Job!

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For any tradespeople, we all know the biggest frustration is how to successfully convert your customer leads into sales.

Our advice is… the next time you know you and your team can do the job, but are struggling to win it, follow these handy tips:


When customers are looking for tradespeople, they are looking for a skilled professional to help solve a problem. And they would end up going online to find the best people, so make sure you are one of them with great reviews on websites just like Planning2Build UK! 

As soon as a customer contacts you, you must think about your response, is it the best way to create a sale? So make sure this stage counts by being as effective and friendly as possible. A vital part of this approach is speed and efficiency, so make sure you are quick and active in your response by offering a selection of dates and times for an appointment.


This is the key part of your sale so make sure you are open, friendly but professional, and most importantly be consistent throughout the project. If you make a promise to a customer, e.g. you will call them at a certain time and date, then make sure it happens. You never want to disappoint your customers on the smallest of details, as they might wonder if you will let them down on an even bigger one. If you can’t do something you said you would, then that’s fine! But the most important things is to let your customer know as early as possible, this helps your communication run better and win you the job.

Quick quotes

If the customer has asked for a quote, don’t take days and days to respond. As you won’t be the only tradespeople that they have asked, so by getting in there early gets you ahead in their eyes, by showing you are serious about the job and ready to start it. So don’t damage your chances of success by delaying your response. Give them a clear timeframe and exceed their expectations, they should be pleased with your response.

Follow-up calls

By being proactive and scheduling a time to call back new potential customers you will show them how organised and professional your business is, and how their project sale matters to you. As you never know a customer may be on the fence about using your services, but giving them a quick call for a checkup could persuade them to use you.

Transparency - Prices & T&Cs

If your initial estimates and quotes do not match up at the end of the project it is very frustrating to the customer. As somewhere down the line, we have had that happen to all of us, and that makes us not want to use that product or service again! So always be transparent, when it comes to pricing and terms and conditions, as they are key to good customer relationships. So remember to tell them, exactly how much it will cost and the start and average completion dates of the job.

High-quality service

Remember actions speak louder than words! So if you’re going to say you can do it all, then you must be able to deliver. A part of securing good feedback, as a review, is to deliver the best quality of service for them to showcase your work to be able to win new customers.


Builder and client shaking hands

In conclusion, to improve your chances of winning more jobs you should create your own sales process or customer journey.

  • This is by improving your current sales techniques or creating new ones to respond to potential leads.  
  • Be honest and transparent with every detail throughout the project.
  • Always think of new tactics if you feel the work is slowing down. Try on a friend or family member to get the most honest feedback and see where things are going wrong, and how you can improve them.

When you do win the job, take 2 minutes out of your time to go over the conversation to see the key areas where you succeeded in that sale, to help for the next one or for your team.  And of course, always keep up appearances like you’re always winning the sale as this is not a one-time job. As you need to be honest with the customer and build upon this long-term relationship. This can be a great way to get more business from them referring you for more work and develop your reputation.

Let us know if you followed any of these tips or did something we haven’t mentioned below, we would love to hear from you! 

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