Common Mistakes When Renovating Your Bathroom

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The perfect bathroom is what every household looks to achieve, and the renovation process can result in the creation of a perfect bathroom. However, there are mistakes which many people make, which in the long run will affect your bathroom and result in potential problems.


When it comes to renovating your bathroom, everyone has their budget in mind which they try to stick to, but overspending is an extremely common mistake. You will find it doesn’t matter how strong you are with the set amount you want to spend. As you may need some extra items or missed costs that can add up.

How to stop this overspending is to make sure you get an extremely detailed quote that includes the individual price of any materials or items needed. Furthermore, make sure any quotes include labour, as this is another hidden cost that may take you over budget.

Make sure you have several quotes and when you finally make the decision add 20% extra just for any unexpected contingencies, as you never know if you will change your mind later about items.

Overall, it is always beneficial to set your budget just slightly higher than what you expect to spend. This will importantly stop the difficult situation of being stuck in the middle of renovating your bathroom and suddenly have no money to finish it.


Ignoring The Bathroom Ventilation Fan

When renovating your bathroom, you will find that a lot of people will ignore getting a ventilation fan. As it won’t be high up on your priority list, as most people forget. The right size ventilation fan will prevent humidity from getting trapped in your bathroom. The result of humid conditions in your bathroom will create a moist environment, which will cause the development of mould and mildew.

The damage from mould and mildew will result in paint, grout and metal deteriorating. This means you will have to spend more money to repair this. Overall, you can avoid this problem by just simply installing a ventilation fan.

Choosing Style Over Function

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When it comes to renovating your bathroom, you want it to look stylish and as nice as possible. But overall, you need to remember that it is your bathroom, and you want it to function properly.

For example, with a showerhead, you may find a beautiful showerhead but suddenly when you’re in the shower you find that the spray is underwhelming. The key is to make sure you find the perfect balance between the product which looks good but also works well.

You will find that you will be more in love with your bathroom with fixtures that actually work, other than fixtures that are there to just look pretty.


bathroom lights

Nobody wants a bathroom where they have to clean themselves in the dark, or even clean themselves with lighting so bright it feels like they have a spotlight on them.

You want your bathroom lighting to be perfect for everyone. For example, it’s a room where you wash but also to get ready in the morning and a calming space at the end of the day, for a warm bath.

You need to try and find the perfect balance in lighting. Try to include different layers of light where possible and consider wall lights on the side of a mirror. There is still room for creativity as certain areas of the room you can highlight with LED lights.

But overall, when it comes to renovating your bathroom don’t forget the importance of lighting and consider how you want your bathroom to be lit, for all uses.

Lack of Storage & Space

bathroom storage

As we know your bathroom isn’t just used to wash, you also want to be able to store essential products in your bathroom for use. So don’t glance over the importance of good storage space.

Insufficient storage space can harm the functionality of your bathroom, so the solution to this is to include separate storage areas. This could include a closet, wall hung unit or a free-standing cabinet. If you incorporate this type of storage, you will be able to convene in the store all your bathroom essentials.

When it comes to bathroom space itself you want to make sure that you don’t fill your bathroom up with too many large products. This could result in there not being much space for the room to function.

People forget about the space when it comes to renovating their bathroom and will pick a luxurious bathtub which will result in a lack of space. This affects the use of your bathroom as it will become impractical and uncomfortable when walking around.

Overall, you must consider the storage and space of your bathroom when renovating as it has a huge effect on its functionality and practicality.

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