Best way to showcase your work through Instagram

Whatever trade you are in the best thing is to have an Instagram page to showcase your work. Having this will increase awareness of your business, promote your services to a larger audience, boost your credibility and show potential customers that you’re trustworthy by showcasing your work you are proud of!

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks that is a free marketing tool, you should be using to grow your business. The platform is linked with Facebook so it’s a great way to transfer media between the two, for many viewers. It also is a great place for all tradespeople to come together to share advice and tips within different industries. 

To create engaging content for Instagram, focus on capturing interesting photographs and videos to intrigue your viewers and potential customers. Ideally, this should be all of your own amazing work!

Use videos to showcase your work

Why should you use videos to showcase your work?

It’s a great way to give your audience a first-hand view of the amazing work you and your company can achieve, and by posting personal videos of the work they know it’s not a general image that could be anyone work.

Video is an exciting, engaging and effective use of communication and it’s easy to share through different social platforms. 

As the video is more accessible to a larger audience, it has the potential to give businesses a huge return on investment by encouraging sales, driving traffic and optimising exposure.

How to create video content, & what will I need?

You can capture your work by video yourself by using a good video quality smartphone, camera or tablet, or you can hire a professional to help you create a film for adverts or a welcome to your site film. As there are many types of videos that allow you to create effective marketing content.

Before you get started filming or taking images, remember why you are taking/ shooting them in the first place. Always have a plan in action for what you want the viewer to see, what’s the message, and how they can use you for their projects. And once you have decided what type of video you want to make, you’ll need to plan our if you need to talk through the video, so make a script, angles you want it shot from, so the correct equipment and the location.

There is plenty of helpful step by step videos available online that will talk you through the process, like placement and lighting.

Things to consider when filming

To achieve the very best results consider these techniques: 

Good Lighting – Try to shoot in a brightly lit space or just lamps to create better lighting, and avoiding shadows and grainy areas.

Keep it steady – Use a tripod to have the camera on it, so when you’re filming it focuses on the work you’re showing. This looks more professional than someone just filming on a phone.

Audio quality –  If you are using a script, filming indoors away from any background noise is always advised. But you could also film without sounds and edit the video later with you doing a voice-over, explaining what is going on in the video walkthrough.

Editing and publishing

You can use simple and Free apps already on your phones/laptops or download them, to cut and splice together your footage once you’ve captured it – iMovie for iOS or FilmoraGo for Android.

How to get started with Instagram

  1. Create a business profile

If you already have Instagram you can easily switch it to a business profile, in the settings. By having this business profile you can see how your posts reach people and their impressions of your posts. Al well as being able to contact you through the page or the contact button on the screen.

  1. Instagram bio

You should clearly state what it is you offer and include your website URL if you have one. We recommend if you have more than one social platform that you use something like Linktree which is one URL you click on it and it sends you to multiple links people can go onto like your website, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. This is the first place your viewers will see and want to see more about you. 

  1. Share your work

Once you’re all set up, you need to start sharing your work. As we have already stated try and take a load of images before and after all your work, and keep the viewers in suspense with updates through a project journey, as well as doing interactive videos. Make sure you tag people and your locations and HASHTAG what you are doing, to get more people to see your work. 

  1. Collect your tagged photos

Get your customers to tag you in their photos of the work you produced and you can re-share their images to showcase your work from a customer’s point of view, to attract more customers for the future.

Let us know if you followed any of these tips or did something we haven’t mentioned below, we would love to hear from you! 

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