A Customers Journey – Sam & Katie

At Planning2Build UK we help manage and assist builds for many families up and down the country and today, we have decided to take you on “A Customers Journey” with us!

We reached out to one of our customers Sam & Katie, to ask if we could come and see the progress of their project. They previously came to us wanting some advice about, what would be the best options for them to extend the rear of their family home. So, we thought this would be great to see how well they have come along now, since our help at Planning2Build UK, and with the project overall.

(All COVID-19 precautions were taken and we didn’t step inside the property) – Just a brew in the front garden. ☕️ 

So, tell me, how did you first hear about Planning2Build UK?

Katie – We made a decision to renovate last year and we were doing some research online, and came across your social media and search engine ads. I looked for previous reviews of the work your company has done and it all sounded and looked amazing, so we decided to get in touch and here we are!

Could you give us a description of your project?

Sam – We’ve basically extended out from the kitchen by 3 metres, while also fully renovating the house. It’s been hard work especially with a baby on the way, but our builder Colin has been nothing but helpful, and made sure the job was sorted on time and without faults.

What was it about our services that caught your eye?

Sam – To be honest, it was the no-nonsense approach you guys had. It was refreshing to hear someone actually speaking to us like real people, like “Nah you need to do this and that and check this and that…” rather than layering it on with loads of complicated jargon, which I don’t understand and probably didn’t even need!

Katie – Especially for me, I know very little about building houses.

So, what part of Planning2Build UK’s service did you find helpful?

Katie – When we first contacted your company you advised us on where to start, and you’ve really been an asset. You helped us with everything from plans, quotes and even the build, you’ve helped with it all. Especially because we didn’t know the right builders to choose from. We really would have been stuck, and probably wouldn’t have even started this project, as it would be a lot of hassle to handle alone.

Sam – I think the most important point was the contractor in our eyes, you hear so many stories of people getting ripped off by moody companies. And by working with you guys we knew you had done all the checks already. You gave us a profile of the companies you have onboarded and was really just a case of getting a good price and getting the job done. They’ve been amazing from day dot, to be fair, and the fact you are free to use made it even better haha.

Planning2Build UK really does take pride in our company brand and make every effort to make sure we only affiliate with high quality and proud contractors.

Was the project completed on time and within budget?

Sam – Yeah, everything was great. We had a few supplier issues at the start of the pandemic, but other than that we have always been kept up to date on the build and price. I think the only hard part was living here while the work was done, but everyone that’s come onto our site has been nothing but polite and respectful.

Was your quote all put in writing?

Katie – Yes, everything was put into a contract before work commenced and money was transferred. It’s been really professional and refreshing. There is so much stigma within the building trade, and this was a big worry of mine. I’m glad that we went with you, to lighten our stress.

Sam – I completely agree with that too!

How did you find the builders that we allocated to your project?

Sam – They are all great blokes! I can’t sing their praises high enough. They’ve been respectful to me and Katie, and have done a great job on our build. I’m so chuffed with how things have gone and would recommend your firm to anyone else looking for help.

Katie – You have turned our normal house, into a real home. Thank you so much!

So, as you can see, we really do look out for our customers, and keep in touch with their whole journey from start to finish!  We thank you Sam & Katie for your honest feedback, and for letting us come and see your beautiful home!

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